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Case Study-Shoulder Pain

75 year-old gentlmen saw me in my office due to severe the left shoulder pain. He could not raise his arm and woke up at night due to pain.

Physical exam revealed severe tenderness in the

Shoulder Injection Guided by Ultrasound

frontal shoulder and he was unable to raise arm about the shoulder due to the pain.

The working diagnosis was rotator cuff impingement. Ultrasound study confirmed the patient had rotator cuff impingement: tendinitis and bursitis.

Due to severity of the shoulder pain, Ultrasound guided injection was done (see the photo on the left). 10 cc of yellowish clear fluid was withdrawn and 40mg of kenalog with lidocaine.

The pain was almost resolved right after the injection. The patient had follow-up visit in 2 weeks. The pain is completely resolved and the patient had no problem using his arm and shoulder.

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