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Treating Contained Disc Herniations - Disc-FX® System

What is Disc-FX Procedure?


The thermal procedure of the Disc-FX technique thickens the disc's fibrous ring (annulus) at the diseased protrusion (thermal coagulation). This reduces the protrusion. Reducing the protrusion relieves the nerve root (decompression). Discogenic back pain and pain radiating into the legs are reduced.



Who is a Candidate for the Procedure?


Patients with symptomatic, contained lumbar disc herniations that have not responded to conservative treatment, may experience relief from a Disc-FX® procedure. Typical signs of a contained lumbar disc herniation is lower back pain or pain radiating down the leg accompanied by some lower back pain. Disc-FX® may not be beneficial for advanced degenerative disc disease or spinal fractures. Your doctor will evaluate and determine if you are a candidate for the Disc-FX® procedure.


Potential Benefits of Disc-FX® Procedure:

  • Minimal Access Procedure

  • Out-Patient Procedure

  • Minor Skin Incision

  • Rapid Procedure

  • Multiple Treatment Options

  • Local Anesthetic

  • Target Access to Damaged (Diseased) Area

  • Treat Multiple Disc Levels

  • Early Anticipated Return to Normal Activities


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