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Exosomes is also called MSC Exosomes, ASC Exosomes.  They are derived from stem cells and they carry all the important information from stem cells. Exosomes are tiny  acellular vesicles. Exosomes contain regenerative products, such as cytokines, mRNA, hyaluronic acid, 3 x growth factors and so on.  They move to damaged tissue area and fuse with resident stem cells. Then exosomes release regenerative products into resident stem cells to activate the stem cells, which in turn initiate the healing process.   Similiar to stem cell, Exosomes can treat wide variety of diseases, such as arthritis, tendinitis, disc herniation, nerve injury, neuralgia, COPD and son on. 


Effects of Exosomes

Exosomes can recruit and activate stem cells in local environment, secrete bioactive proteins called cytokines and directly facilitating tissue repair.

Therapeutic Effects:

  • Promote Regeneration

    • Bloos Vessel Regeneration (Angiogenesis)

    • Nerve Cell Regeneration (Neurogenesis)

    • Cartilage Regeneration (Chondrogenic)

    • Bone Regeneration (Osteogenesis)

    • Muscle Regeneration (Musculogenesis)

    • Disc Regeneration

  • Suppressing Inflammation (Anti-inflammation)

  • Immunomodulation 

  • Reduce Scar (Anti-scarring)

  • Rescue Dying Cells (Anti-apoptotic)


  • Can travel via systematic therapy without risk of clumping

  • Can travel via local therapy

  • Cross the "Blood-Brain Barrier"

  • Deliver miRNA and mRNA

  • Can home

  • Not perceived as foreign

  • No first-pass lung removal as in stem cells.

  • Can not transdifferentiate into other cells or into malignant cells

  • Easy to administer, store, freeze (out of the box stem cell therapy!)

  • Easily controlled dosage

  • Potency related to the age of parent stem cells

exosome 2.jpg

Exosomes are secreted from stem cells

Exosomes are injected into a joint

exosome 3.jpeg
stem cell repairs.jpg

Exosomes are fused with resident stem cells and released regenerative products.

Exosomes activate resident stem cells and start to repair damaged tissue and regrow cartilage.

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