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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain, Tuckahoe, Scarsdale, Eastchester, Westchester, White Plains, Valhalla, Eastchester, Hartsdale, White Plains

82 year old gentleman was seen in my office due to severe shoulder pain on the right. He cannot sleep due to severe pain. The patient has had steroid injections twice in another doctor’s office. The pain was relieved for about two months. Then the pain came back.

When we were doing ultrasound guided injection, we find out that the patient had peek through it on the top of the supraspinatus tendon. The tendon was oh show shows


Large Floyd on the top of the supraspinatus tendon the tendon was old so show calcification. That means Peishan also have five highs supper


Eight beings the patient has sabbath I toyed my side piece and handed 90s and chronic tendinitis. The fluid in the pussy


It means the patient has chronic tendinitis. The treatment for this condition is physical therapy and acupuncture first the patient may also need

The patient also need anti-inflammatory medications. If the patient has not responded to physical therapy acupuncture and the anti-inflammatory medication. The steroid injection is the choice.

If the patient does not respond to the two steroid and Jackson the patient would be sent for surgery in the past however currently we have a more always choice

If the patient does not respond to the two steroid injection, the patient would be sent to see searching for probable surgery in the past. However we have from home choice now we have more choice now

There is another to type of injections: PRP injection and Stem Cell's injection Stem Cell's injection Stan stem cell injection.

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