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Telemedicine is a simple and easy way for clinicians to meet with patients remotely. Patients simply get into doctor's website to start meeting. The doctor's telemedicine website is all that is required for the patient- no registration, no login, no downloads (on the web version). A customizable waiting room welcomes and engages the patient until the clinician is ready. The telemedicine  also has a patient queue and chat capabilities to help clinician manage several patients simultaneously, when necessary. clinicians can have confidence they are compliant with HIPAA regulations. Best yet, The telemedicine is free to use for patients- unlimited minutes, and sessions.

  • Secure

  • No software to download

  • HIPAA compliant

  • No registration needed

  • Covered by insurances

What We Can Do?

  • Follow Up Care 

  • New Patients

  • Medical Record Review

What To Prepare?

Medical records are the key for the doctor to understand your conditions. What work-up and treatments you have is very important for further management of your condition(s). Therefore, medical records are necessary, but not must. Our doctor may ask for more information after initial consultation or after reviewing your records .

New Patients

  • Get New Patient Questionnaire from my office

  • Fill out questionnaire and send back to my office (Fax or Email)

  • Send Medical Records:

    • Imaging Studies: MRI, CT, X-Ray​

    • Procedure notes: Surgery, Injections

    • EMG test report

    • 1-2 notes from PCP 

    • 1-2 Notes from Pain Management Physician or Orthopedics or neurologist whom you saw before

Medical Record Review

  • State your purposes either in words or in writing.

  • Send Medical Records:

    • Imaging Studies: MRI, CT, X-Ray​

    • EMG test report.

    • Procedure notes: Surgery, Injections

    • Your doctor(s) records related with your visits. 

    • 1-2 Notes from Pain Management Physician or Orthopedics if you have.

  * This is not medical legal case review.

How to Log In

  1. Call to schedule an appointment as you visit doctor's office

  2. Use a computer or device with camera and microphone

  3. Enter web address: "

  4. Allow your computer*, cell phone or iPad to use your webcam and microphone

  5. Type in your name and click check in

  6. You will be in Dr. Zheng's waiting room. 

  7. Wait the doctor to check you in.

  * You have to have camera, speaker and microphone if you use computer

Diagram instruction.PNG

Video For Patients

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