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" Doctor, I have total knee replacement and I don't have knee any more. Why do I still have knee pain." This is a question I am often asked by the patients. It is often confused by the patients and some physicians. I often told them that they don't have knee joint any more. Of course, the pain does not come from the joint. However, they still have tendons, bursa, ligaments and nerves around the knee joint. They can still have pain from tendon, bursa, ligaments or nerves. The one of most common pain after total knee replacement is Pes Anserinus bursitis and tendinitis. It is just located on the medial side of the knee and just below the knee joint ( see the figures below). It can be easily treated by steroid injection. It may just need one injection most of times.

Figures. Pes Anserinus bursitis and tendinitis.

There are other conditions such as ITB tendinitis, bursitis or RSD. Those are not as common as Pes Anserinus bursitis and tendinitis ( see picture below)

Figures: More structures around the knee. They can all become inflamed, i.e. bursitis and tendinitis.


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